Unique Projects

1948 Silver King Pulling Tractor


This is a fun little project that was sent to us. We were asked to take a mini rod pulling tractor and make it look like a 1948 Silver King Tractor.

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The Ultimate Gear Head’s TV Stand


We wanted to build a TV Stand that we thought would be the Ultimate Gear  Head’s TV Stand. This stand turned out to be a hit at any party or car show. 

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Picture Podium


Every car guy is proud of their vehicle, and they like to show off the work that  was done, what better than to have a Picture Podium so display their  restoration. This is a custom podium that we built.

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Club Car Golf Cart


When we go to car shows and big automotive events we like to take a golf cart  to save our feet from all the walking, so we put together a custom Club Car Golf  Cart. 

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The SPLMAX CUP trophy was built for Sam Horn president of SPLMAX. The SPLMAX  CUP is a points championship trophy to award the best car audio Bass Racer in  the United States for 2008. 

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Halo 2 Game Stands


The Halo 2 Game Stands were built for Sam Horn of SPLMAX.com. We built 4 game  stands which held 20 inch LCD monitors, XBOX, and Surround Sound. 

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Drum Mold


Panyard Inc. is the leader in steel drums. With the extensive time in hand  forming their lead drum, Panyard came to us to see if we had any ideas for them.  We ended up making them a mold for their lead drum so their formers wouldn’t  have to take as much time measuring the form of the head. 

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