The Shop


       Cole's Classics, LLC has been in the business of restoring cars for over a  decade. Unlike many shops that oversee the subcontracted work, we perform all  metalwork, paint, mechanical and electrical work at our 8,500 sq.ft. Barberton, Ohio facility. All work is  performed to the highest standards and our cars are often in the winners circle  at car shows and concourse events. We believe that a shop should be as clean as  a nursery since our customer’s cars are their “babies”. Our facility has an  “open door” policy to our customers, when we have your baby in our shop we  always encourage you to come at anytime and see it, our customer are happy with  this because they can see what is being done with their vehicle.


Please look over the shop features of our facility listed below.  If you have  any questions or need guidance in selecting a restoration that will be right for  you do not hesitate to contact us.


        Shop features include:


*A new Global Refinishing spray booth that enables us to paint an entire vehicle  at one time. This is important to  eliminate color matching and blending problems, particularly with metallic and  candy colors.  

*Multiple rotisseries one being custom built for fiberglass bodies.


*A separate “dirty” room to do sanding and prep work in so all the other vehicles  in the shop don’t get dusty.

*A full PPG paint mixing room 

*A full metal and fiberglass fabrication shop 


*All ground-up restorations, and most partial restorations, are fully documented  with detailed digital photographs. This has made it possible for us to document  the progress of each job and to provide the owner with a complete photo history  at any time.