1950 Chevy 6400 "Last Alarm"

This one-of-a-kind 1950 Chevy 6400 Fire Truck will honor and escort our country's greatest heroes around the state of Ohio in funeral processions. Old 132-1 is the first fire truck Sharon Twp owned. Fire engines today are over 10' tall and are too tall to bear caskets in a fashion worthy of the respect and honor those who have fallen deserve. This truck will feature an apparatus with a custom built casket system that will allow firefighters to remove the casket without tilting it. These local heroes are our first responders, ready to serve their community and give their lives to save others. Being transported to a final resting place on a fire engine is considered the highest honor a firefighter can receive, a tradition of respect for all they gave, making their "Last Alarm" ride to their final resting place one with dignity. This project is a true honor to be restoring. This page was updated October 12, 2014.

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